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Refund policy

Thank you for purchasing our products/services. We value your trust and assure you of the best product/services at all times. As our customer, when you are buying our product or service, you agree to our refund policy. Once you have made a purchase on our platform. 

Refunds can be initiated only in following events:

1. You have purchased an incorrect Product/service and our team has advised you to purchase another product/service, 100% of the original product/service value will be refunded subject to the condition that no service was delivered for the previous product/service.

2. You attempted to purchase a product/service and your payment was successfully processed but not received by zillions Hub, you should seek refund from the financial service provider.

3. Once you are eligible for refund, our team will confirm the same to you via email. Thereafter, your refund will be processed within 10 business days from the date of confirmation.

4. If Zillions Hub experts are not able to fulfil your order due to unavailability of product/service, you shall be eligible for any refund.